Temani Afif

Computer Engineer
Expert Web Developer
Founder @ YATIS

I am a Computer Engineer with more than 6 years of experience. I conquered the business world at an early age and quickly established relationships with customers all over the world. I have never stopped using my skills and knowledge to carry out a wide range of projects since then.
I have done more than 350 projects with 100% Client satisfaction to date. I consult regularly with over 30 clients in the USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Sweden, England, Thailand... all over the world.

30 Years old

350 Projects well done

100% client Satisfaction

200 Clients all over the world

7 Years of experience

My Skills

Website Development

Website Development

I have the ability to develop many kinds of websites from the simple landing page to the more complex e-commerce site. I can convert any requirements to a fully functional website. In addition, I know all the SEO aspects necessary to make any website SEO friendly.

Software Development

Software Development

I am very experienced using C/C++, Java, PHP among other programming languages. Besides that, I have also learned many programming concept such as OOP, MVC, CQRS that allow me not only to build well-structured software, but also to produce high-quality codes.

Hardware Simulation

Hardware Simulation

I have a good command of HDLs such as VHDL and SystemC and also a wide knowledge of common architectures (Mips, x86, Arm, etc) that allowed me to acquire a good experience modeling/simulating hardware component. I am also well versatile in FPGA and Qemu.

Hosting Management

Hosting Management

I have the opportunity to deal with many hosting providers (OVH, Digital Ocean, GoDaddy, HostGator, Inmotionhosting, iPage, Gandi, etc.) that helped me to acquire the necessary experience to be able to manage

  • DNS & SSL configuration
  • Website migration
  • SSH & FTP management
  • Database management
  • VPS & Cpanel management
Project Management

Project Management

Working with many clients has allowed me to handle different projects at the same time. Through that, I have developed the necessary skills to

  • Establish good communication
  • Anticipate client needs
  • Set up priorities & scheduling
  • Deliver work on time



  • Founder & CTO

    Logo YATIS
    August 2018 - Now

    Yatis is The agency for all your needs. We do what you want us to do (Web Design, Web Development, Marketing, SEO, Hosting management, House cleaning, Blogging, babysitting, ... and many more). We transform your idea into a solution. Even better, it will be an Innovative Solution.

    I am the founder of Yatis and my role is to attract new clients, convince them that we are the best then prove them that we are the best. I also lead the development of the main projects.

  • Full-Stack Developer

    Logo Upwork
    April 2018 - Now

    Gearo is an online marketplace that helps outdoor gear shops grow and run their businesses with technology and by empowering consumers to automate gear rentals and purchases for their next adventure.

    I developed the first version using wordpress. Actually, I do various back-end/font-end tasks to constantly improve the platform.

  • Lead Developer

    PPC University
    August 2017 - June 2018

    PPC University is an e-learning platform dedicated to PPC specialists. The objective is to get prepared for the official Google AdWords certification exams.

    The website was built using Wordpress and a Learning Management System(LMS). I was the main developer of the website and I led a team of 5 persons.

  • Freelancer / Web Developer

    Logo Upwork
    April 2014 - Now

    I discovered UpWork in December 2013 (previously called oDesk). I started building my profile and doing some skill tests. Then came my first job! It was in April 2014, and I successfully did it.

    first job

    Since then, I have never stopped getting new jobs and meeting new clients. I quickly earned the badge Top Rated rank that makes me one of the best freelancers.

    I total more than 300 jobs for more than 160 clients to date. Visit my Upwork Profile for more details.

  • Full-Stack Developer

    La tour du web
    September 2016 - December 2016

    "La tour du web" is a building based in France that hosts companies, start-ups and freelancers around one and unique purpose which is Web development.

    I have been a part of the TAYO start-up for about 4 months. I was responsible for front-end and back-end development (HTML/CSS, AngularJS, Java, Wordpress, Cassandra/Solr).

    Not only it was a great opportunity for me to enhance my skills but it also gave me a chance to meet many people and to exchange knowledge about web development.

  • Web Developer / Webmaster

    September 2013 - February 2014

    I pursued a collaboration with the same start-up (PimpMySite) as a webmaster after my internship. I had to deal with my final year at the university and work at the same time. My role was to manage existing websites (make some changes, correct bugs, add new functionalities, etc.). I also had the opportunity to establish relationships with new customers and negotiate projects with them.

    During that experience I improved my organizational skills, became more responsible, improved my development & communication skills, and learned how to manage a full project on my own.

    I became a newborn Freelancer!

  • Research Engineer

    Tima Laboratory
    March 2014 - August 2016

    TIMA is a research laboratory specializing in embedded software development. I worked in the SLS (System Level Synthesis) team as a research engineer for about 2 years.

    My main work was around SystemC and Qemu. Our goal was to find efficient ways to do Hardware/Software simulation. This simulation aims to gather data such as memory consumption, execution times, etc. This data is precious and help developer and constructor to produce optimized software and hardware components.

    I was also a member of the COVADEC project that was a collaboration between 6 companies and 2 laboratories and it was dedicated to ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). At COVADEC, we used our tools to allow the other teams to do a fast and precise simulation of their components.

  • Intern

    July 2013 - August 2013

    I was an intern with a Tunisian start-up called PimpMySite. My project was to build an online platform for creating resumes.

    It was my first website, and I am proud of it!


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  • Engineering Degree
    Computer Science

    @ E.N.S.I - Tunisia (2014)

    Average : 16.48 / 20
    Rank : 1 / 327

  • National Competition
    For Engineering School

    @ I.P.E.I.E.M - Tunisia (2011)

    Rank : 42 / 1720

  • Bachelor Degree
    Mathematical Section

    @ Menzah 6 - Tunisia (2009)

    Average : 16.67 / 20
    Rank : 360 / 10316

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